Computer needs can range from workstations for email & light internet surfing, to robust business servers supporting huge numbers of users running complex software applications.

    Some examples of what you may need:
    WORKSTATION - Email and light internet surfing
    ADVANCED USER - Heavy internet surfing, gameing, and/or graphicially intense projects
    SOHO WORKSTATION - Enterprise class pc used for database or other complex software
    BUSINESS SERVER - Host complex software and support many users without bogging down

    What is the difference in a computer with average "off the shelf" specs and a hand built pc with great specs? In short, a lot. If you are a casual user doing simple projects and emailing you may not notice the difference. If you are someone who uses your computer as a tool, you will appreciate the extra efficiency and speed your computer has. The way to get better than average results is to build with above average parts. In most cases this costs only slightly more to do than the big retail chains charge for the cookie cutter, off the shelf, boxed computers they sell. Some computers don't need to be special, but if yours does, please contact me because that is what I enjoy building.

    Is networking, networking? Is 10/100Mb/sec all you need? Maybe so, but if you need your workstations to use complex software applications on a server you may really benefit from a network that talks at 1000Mb/sec, which is 10 TIMES the potential speed of traditional networks. Heavy database, design, and publishing users can now breath easier.

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